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Web EDI in Our Mobile World

Roger pic 4

Can you manage your EDI solution with your iPhone from the Starbucks patio?  Mobile device EDI?  Absolutely.  Web EDI, managed services, EDI in the cloud, SaaS (software as a service) and other EDI outsourcing solutions are still increasing in popularity.  And we have seen a push with these types of services coming from the major EDI providers.  The question is why?  Could it be because we are operating our companies andconducting our jobs from mobile devices?  Everywhere you look, someone is using their Smartphone or their iPad, at happy hour, at the gym and at the local coffee house.  Web EDI, or really any EDI solution that can be managed via the Internet, offers flexibility that traditional EDI softwarecurrently cannot compete with.  

Sage ERP Consultants and Customers Get Ready for Sage Summit 2014

ERP Consultant Sage Summit 2014 is all packed and ready for the fabulous city of Las Vegas to join Sage ERP consultants, solution providers, ISVs and Sage customers held at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on July 28th to July 31st, 2014. We are very excited to share some sessions and booths that we will be attending and visiting with some of our many supportive ERPVAR partners. Sage Summit 2014 is a great opportunity to connect with Sage employees, partners, customers and ISVs who have integrated their ERP solutions to Sage products. Since there will be alot of people and a lot to see and do and learn, we wanted to highlight some events we will not be missing out on the chance to attend.  Here's a listing of our top picks by some of our ERPVAR partners.  Thank you for your support!  We look forward to visting with you!

The “Other” Big Benefits of Warehouse Automation

Warehouse automation accellos

As supply chain and ERP solution technology experts, there are obvious benefits of warehouse automation when our clients implement a warehouse management system (WMS). Several tangible benefits are measured by looking at the return on investment (ROI). More accurate inventory tracking and more efficient picking processes often result in obvious cost-savings and can easily be measured. In our experience, there are also the “other” benefits that warehouse automation delivers that contribute to your ability to increase production, cut costs, stay competitive and help grow your business.

ERP Consultant Abila Fund Accounting: Move Rows in a Journal Voucher

ERP Consultant Abila Fund Accounting

As an ERP consultant who supports Abila Fund Accounting clients, we get questions that we often share in our blogs when they are relevant to others.  Today we got a questions from an Abila Fund Accounting client.

Cloud Accounting Software: Why Upgrade Your Legacy Software

Cloud accounting software upgade

Cloud accounting software or cloud ERP software is becoming a viable solution for many organizations who struggle with outdated accounting and business management systems.  Cloud-based ERP solutions are great options for companies looking to upgrade who are running into challenges and limitations with their outdated legacy software. Moving to the cloud provides benefits that are not typically available with older software systems and infrastructure. To better manage business processes, decision makers will typically explore small business ERP software in order to leverage familiar applications as well as new features like cloud and mobility.

Cloud Accounting Software: 3 Reasons Why Growing Companies Win Big

cloud accounting software Arxis

Cloud accounting software may be relatively new in the technology scene but it's already changed the face of businesses forever. It’s changed how business owners make decisions and how employees work with their tools to complete tasks. Cloud accounting software has become a cost-effective way for small and medium-sized companies to break away from the traditional ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software systems toward a more mobile and modern approach. Smaller firms are now armed with enterprise level tools to keep pace and compete with their larger adversaries. As cloud-based accounting or ERP systems evolved over the years, it’s functionality expands to cover more roles in an organization. This maturity of functionality is why more companies are considering implementing cloud accounting software as a solution for their growing business.

Cloud Accounting Software: Diminished or Expanded Role of Accountants

Cloud accounting software tech

Cloud accounting software is an area more and more accountants are exploring with their clients as cloud technology evolves with ERP solutions. This new cloud ERP technology is adding new excitement to accounting which is one of the oldest professions in the world. The accountant's job description has certainly changed greatly over time, from counting the king's gold to entering vast amounts of data on spreadsheets. However, an accountant essentially offers a service that has not changed. People have required accountants for as long as currency has existed, and will likely continue to need them until the end of time. The point is that accounting professionals will always have work to do as long as people and businesses are trading with currency. In this blog, we will explore how cloud accounting software is changing how accountants get their jobs done moving forward.

4 Common ERP Consultant Questions: Why Blog? Part IV

ERP consultant blogging tips

ERP consultants are very busy people. They have billable hours to book, meetings with clients and prospects, upgrades, implementations, training, etc... So WHY the heck would any sensible ERP consultant waste time with blogging? If you are lucky enough to have a very experienced and driven marketing person, they could probably come up with blogs on their own. There are also blogging services that will write blogs for you - just make sure they know your company and your goals and know your industry. If you fall a little short on the marketing side, then blogging won't happen unless it comes from your own head. Fortunately, your head is filled with so much ERP experience and knowledge that there is no lack of content. 

ERP Consultants: 4 Ways a Blog Strategy Helps You Grow: Part III

ERP consultant blog strategy

Why Do Successful ERP Consultants Bother with a Blogging Strategy?

Writing effective blogs start with a goal in mind - a blog strategy. Experienced ERP consultants are experts in their field and have a lot of knowledge that would be of interest to readers, customers and other ERP consultants. It is possible that some of these readers of your blog will turn in to potential customers if your blog demonstrates your expertise. Your blogs serve as an opportunity to educate and promote your expertise without being too promotional. Blogs are meant to be informative and relevant to your target audience.  There's more to read in our previous blog "Attention ERP Consultant: 3 Reasons Why You Must Blog: Part I"

4 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Enhancements to Purchases and Payables

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Enhancements

As ERP consultants working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, our clients really appreciate the new Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 enhancements that reinforce this Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution as a great choice for small to mid-sized companies. NAV2013 latest enhancements many new features that improve the process for purchases and account payables management. This is one of the recent improvements that make NAV 2013 a preferred choice when upgrading your ERP solution for your wholesale distribution or manufacturing company.

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