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Cloud ERP Software vs. On-Premise: What’s Right for your Business?

cloud ERP software v premise

If you are keeping up with the latest business trends you have probably come across “expert” white papers reviewing cloud ERP software vs. on-premise options telling you why dedicated hosting is the best choice for your organization. As ERP consultants who have been a provider of cloud ERP software and on-premise ERP software since 1999, our years of experience offer a unique perspective to provide in the analysis of cloud ERP software vs. on-premise options.  In this blog, we will review important considerations for any business who is asking the question of whether or not cloud ERP software is right for their business.

ERP and CRM Integration: They’re Better Together.

ERP and CRM integration

10 justifications for ERP and CRM integration.

Our world is full of delicious combinations; peanut butter and jelly, wine and cheese, cookies and milk, chocolate and peanut butter…the list goes on. ERP and CRM integration is just another combination of two great things that are even better when put together. CRM and ERP have both become essential tools for companies across industries and for businesses of all sizes. While each one of these systems is powerful on their own, bringing them together has yields some very impressive and crave-worthy results.

NetSuite ERP Key for Omnichannel Interaction, Sales and Planning

NetSuite ERP

Among the advanced business management platforms currently on the market, including both enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems, NetSuite ERP solution stands out for businesses with a significant sales component. NetSuite offers the various aspects of ERP and CRM to provide end-to-end visibility for all facets of operation. Uniquely, the platform also adds a powerful e-commerce system that's a great fit for businesses both starting out in the online sales field and those with an established presence looking to improve their outcomes with operating such a store.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Reporting: Smart Decisions, Better Visibility

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2

Microsoft Dynamics NAV was developed with the understanding that having accurate information about business operations is an essential requirement for business success. This is  especially true in challenging environments. ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, provide you with meaningful insight to individuals and teams across your organization.

How to Get Employees Onboard with a New ERP System

new ERP software

Moving to a new ERP system is a big change for a company, no matter its size or industry. The far-reaching effects of a new ERP (enterprise resource planning) platform mean that a wide variety of different moving parts need to come together and work in concert to have as successful an implementation as possible. A good installation means strong ongoing use by a business and the timely realization of various benefits that this business software provides. One crucial area that sometimes isn't given its due during the implementation process is onboarding, educating and training employees. Having a complete view of what successful training entails, and following through on it, can drastically improve adoption and drive success.

Sage ERP X3 Consultant Review: 4 Reasons Sage ERP X3 Beats QuickBooks

Sage ERP X3 consultant QuickBooks

As a Sage ERP X3 consultant, we have many clients who outgrow QuickBooks and choose to migrate to Sage ERP X3 and even those who are considering selecting one over the other.  So when Sage ERP vs. QuickBooks, just how do they measure up? QuickBooks has a great reputation for small and growing companies to help manage financial/accounting data.  Over the years, QuickBooks developed industry specific versions for manufacturing, wholesale, professional service firms, contractors, non-profit entities, and retailers. QuickBooks is a great solution for small companies with 1-30 active users with their general accounting needs.  Since, QuickBooks has grown up over the years to support specific industries, there are many companies who have grown up tremendously and extended their complexity far beyond what QuickBooks out-of-the box can handle. If you have reached the point where you have outgrown QuickBooks, here are 4 popular reasons more and more businesses choose Sage ERP X3 as their ERP of choice when looking new ERP software.

Outgrowing QuickBooks: 8 Questions to Ask If You Are Ready for ERP

Outgrowing QuickBooks

As ERP consultants, we help many customers who are outgrowing QuickBooks, Sage 50 and other business software like Xero. You may have noticed many signs that you are outgrowing your entry level software. You have grown to the point where you are ready to graduate to the next level of tools necessary to help your business grow called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. To see if you are ready for ERP software, first, ask yourself if you can relate to the following signs you are outgrowing QuickBooks or outgrowing another entry level software.

EDI Software Upgrade: Just Do It

EDI software upgrade

Photo appears courtesy of Next TwentyEight.  We went through the process of selling software upgrades for Liaison's Delta/ECS a couple of years ago.  After we presented every conceivable reason why this a good idea, to this day we still have a few stragglers.  I myself am guilty of not upgrading!  Every time I touch my iPhone I get a message that I haven't upgraded to the iOS 7.  That being said, I thought it might be helpful to others who are either selling upgrades or considering an upgrade, to offer up a few good reasons why upgrading your EDI software is an important endeavor.

Sage 100 ERP Partner Reviews Why Improvement Projects Fail Part 2

Sage 100 ERP Partner 2

As a Sage 100 ERP Partner, we work with our clients to help with the selection, implementation, customization, training and ongoing support of ERP software and other businesses tools to help their business grow. In part 1 of this blog series "Sage 100 ERP Partner Reviews Why Impovement Projects Fail: Part 1" we reviewed one of the four reasons why businesses are at risk of failure with project improvement plans which is lack of management direction.  In this blog, we will review the next three common reasons for failure; lack of time, lack of resources and lack of "buy in."  Hopefully, you will be well armed to avoid these failures in your next effort to improve your business.

Sage 100 ERP Partner Reviews Why Improvement Projects Fail: Part 1

Sage 100 ERP Partner blog 1

As a Sage 100 ERP Partner, we’ve helped our clients over the years accomplish the challenging task of the successful implementation of ERP software and other businesses tools to help their business grow. So many companies set out with grand designs intended to bring about breakthrough improvements—sometimes goals are just internal, and sometimes the hope is for change across their supply chains.  We wanted to share what we learned about why improvement projects fail and how to avoid them in part 1 and part 2 of this blog series. 

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