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Accounting Software: Is Cloud ERP Right for Your SMB?

cloud based.ERP

If you are looking for QuickBooks online alternatives and think the best direction for your business may be Cloud ERP, you just may be right. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions that deliver cloud-based functionality are ideal for small to mid-sized businesses looking to better automate and organize management processes – including financial management.

Why Don't Your Employees Use Your ERP System?

ERP software

In most organizations, it’s normal for employees to resist change. Familiarity of the norm and the thought of learning a new skill or way of doing things are sure to make employees resistant to adopting a new ERP system. Still, underneath these two factors, lie other reasons that make ERP user adoption level in organizations lower than expected. Below are some common reasons why employees resist implementation or adoption of new systems.

ERP Software Valentine: 3 Warning Signs Love is Lost

erp software upgrade

Does Your ERP Software Really Love You?

Valentine's Day is over but hopfully the spirit of expressing your love to that special someone is practiced every day of the year. There are those who are not so lucky to have a special love on Valentine's Day and often find this holiday is a time for reflection on loves lost, future loves and take this time to scrutinize their current love situation. You may have the similar feeling about your outdated ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) accounting and business management system. If you are like many businesses you and your ERP software or accounting software spent years together helping each other to grow the business. At least that’s what you’ve thought. Let’s review 3 warning signs that your ERP Valentine has “lost that loving feeling.”

ERP Software Selection: 10 Important Questions to Ask Vendors and VAR

ERP Software rkl

Top 10 ERP Software Questions to Ask when Interviewing Vendors and VARs 

Assuming you are involved in a for-profit enterprise, it doesn't really matter what is your particular business or industry. It doesn't really matter what kind of technology you are considering: ERP, HR, CRM, supply chain, project management or any of the other various solutions. Regardless of your business type for functional requirements, there are certain things you ABSOLUTELY MUST know before you buy a new or upgraded ERP software system. Unfortunately, the things YOU REALLY SHOULD KNOW BEFORE YOU BUY are not the same things that many ERP technology vendors and VARs (Value-Added-Resellers or ERP software consultants) want to discuss with you.

Is Your Outdated ERP Software the Next Deflategate? 4 ERP Red Flags

ERP Software outdated

4 Super Bowl Lessons: Should Your ERP Software be Flagged?

Now that the Super Bowl is over, it's a great time for a little "Monday morning quarterbacking." Seattle is enjoying warm sunshine while parts of New England are buried in snow along sub-zero temperatures, it seems the weather delivered a little payback from the big game.  Whether you are a Patriots fan or not, the scandal with “Deflategate” did raise questions over football regulations and who's responsible and who's not.  I thought it might be just the right time to take a similar look at your ERP software system and how it's working or not working, as may be the case. Let's review 4 "Super Bowl" reasons your ERP software should be flagged for losing yardage for your company's team.

Process Manufacturing Software Checklist: 10 Critical Requirements

Process manufacturing software selection

Process Manufacturing Software Top 10 Checklist

There are many ERP software solutions that claim to service customers who are process manufacturers. If you’re a process manufacturer you have probably felt the frustration of being challenged with the demands of compliance and understand the importance of having software that works to support your process specific requirements. If you are thinking of investing in a new business solution, be sure to have this list of the top 10 critical requirements listed below.  There are great process manufacturing ERP solutions available and it will be important for you to build on this list below to make sure all your critical requirements are met with your new solution. With a thorough list of requirements you will find the right solution for your industry that helps your business follow best practices and meet regulatory demands.

9 Signs Your ERP Consultant Is Awesome


Facing the realization of implementing an ERP solution is only half the equation when it comes to ensuring a successful deployment of your next-level operational standard. When implementing an ERP solution, the ERP consultant you select is just as critical, if not more so, than the solution you intend to utilize. Purchasing and implementing an ERP system is a complex undertaking, requiring technological leadership – and partnering – to ensure success. There is much that goes into selecting the right ERP consultant to optimize the right ERP implementation strategies for your business. 

Mobile Devices Invade Retail

mobile retail

As more consumers use their mobile devices for everyday shopping tasks, they are increasingly becoming savvier and more demanding. This creates a huge challenge but also an opportunity for a majority of retailers.

Does Your Process Manufacturing Software Integrate Nutrient Labeling?

Process manufacturing Software labeling

Process Manufacturing Software Integration with Nutrient Labeling – DV and %DV

If you are a food or beverage process manufacturer you know all about the challenges of managing all your ingredients and calculating and declaring nutrition information or  Daily Value (DV or %DV ). DV represents the daily intake level of a nutrient that is considered to be the amount of daily food consumption required for a healthy individual. With respect to food labeling %DV allows individuals to determine how much of their DV is present within a serving size.  This allows shoppers to clearly see the %DV on the Nutrient Label on the side of every food or drink package. This helps consumers make quick and informed food choices that contribute to a healthy diet.

Sage 100 ERP Software Customers Go Paperless in 2015

ERP software paperless office

Go Paperless with Sage 100 ERP Software

The paper companies will sadly confirm that the “paperless office”’ movement is an upward trend in 2015. Here at Oasis, our ERP software consultants confirm that going paperless is a growing initiative for many businesses and Oasis customers. As a Sage 100 ERP customer, you’ll be happy to learn that  jumping on the paperless bandwagon is possible with InstaDocs. Our Sage 100 ERP clients have enjoyed the convenience and cost savings introduced with Paperless Office in MAS 90/200 version 4.3. We are excited that now Sage 100 ERP customers can take paperless one step further with InstaDocs.

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