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One of Microsoft’s Most Powerful Applications - SSRS

Microsoft SQL reporting

SSRS isn’t just an abbreviation; it may be one of Microsoft’s greatest applications. Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a report writer that comes with the Microsoft SQL Server Database. According to Microsoft, “SQL Server Reporting Services is a comprehensive, highly scalable solution providing operational reporting for pixel-perfect printing and browser-based viewing, as well as ad hoc data exploration and visualization.”

ERP software trials and why you should use them

ERP Software Trials

There are more and more businesses looking to software solutions to help them stay current and competitive as cloud computing continues to mature.  Many of these potential users are attracted to familiar names like Microsoft which offers an array of business management solutions including Dynamics ERP.  But it is a good idea to start with ERP software trials before you commit to a purchase, otherwise you are gambling on a coin toss.

Bluestar PLM and The Future of Manufacturing

Future of ERP

In today’s competitive economy, manufacturing companies face different challenges in driving sustainable product development. The challenges are mostly as a result of a diverse global customer base that has been demanding more customizations and configurability.

Price Optimization: What Drives Value?

Advanced Pricing Logic

Price optimization and pricing excellence 2 important value drivers™ 

  1. Visible Value Drivers™ 

    • Visible value drivers™ can be anything identifiable by you and/or your customers that can convey true value.  Examples include product features, unique capabilities, convenience and any other "visible" unique assets and propositions.  When maximizing revenue and profit, those assets are crucial to the value proposition.
  2. Abstract Value Drivers™ 

    • Abrstract value drivers™ are less obvious value drivers™ than visible value drivers™ but equally important.  These have a direct effect on the ability to gain revenue and profit.  Examples of these include in-stock ratio, margin-to-price analytics, supplier performance and other measurable metrics.  The importance of abstract value drivers™ cannot be overstated as each one affects the overall health of the enterprise.  Pricing excellence through actionable interpretation of value drivers™ can have a tremendously positive effect throughout the organization.


All products have a price “band” with high and low values. Marketing efforts, margin and supply chain performance can have a profound effect on the elasticity of price. Value drivers™.  All products have a price “band” with high and low values. Marketing efforts, margin and supply chain performance can have a profound effect on the elasticity of price. Value drivers™ both internal and external, will determine how stretchy the price band truly is.

Best ERP Software NetSuite Ranked Fastest Growing ERP Vendor

best ERP solution NetSuite

As ERP consultants, we keep a close eye on the ERP software solutions market. As ERP consultants who support NetSuite and other Saas and cloud solutions like Salesforce, we are proud to report that more and more customers are choosing to the best ERP solution NetSuite as their preferred choice. 

6 Reasons to Use a VAR for Data Integration Solutions

data integration architecture

When I speak to new prospects I often get the question, "Why should I use a reseller?"  Well, glad you asked.  Here are six great reasons to use a reseller for your data integration architecture:

6 Key Benefits to AccellosOne Cloud WMS

Cloud WMS Accellos

When we review WMS options with our clients, we find that they are increasingly finding that Accellos One Cloud WMS is the best choice for 6 main reasons. The biggest reason that sets  Accellos’ cloud WMS solution apart from other solution providers with Cloud offerings is all that is included in the standard offering.  This WMS solution includes all the core WMS functionality that you would expect when upgrading to a WMS solution such as picking, receiving, lot/serial tracking, stock locator and much more. 

ERP Software for Manufacturing: Infinite Scheduling Vs. Finite


The Fallacy of Infinite Capacity Scheduling

With most ERP software for manufacturers operating on an infinite capacity scheduling system, changes in production demands and machine scheduling move jobs down the schedule to fill a limitless number of days, hours and machine shifts. But the drawback of infinite capacity scheduling is it’s too easy for managers to fool themselves into thinking jobs can be adjusted without inevitable consequences to budget and deadlines.

ERP Consultant Reviews: NetSuite Implementation Best Practices Part 3

NetSuite implementation part 3

In this series of blogs we will share some NetSuite implementation best practices that our ERP consultant team has developed over the years to accelerate and take the risk out of the NetSuite implementation process. In parts 1 and 2 we discussed process, people and documentation. in part 3 of this blog series we will look at the issue of software re-use.

What is Value Based Pricing? 2 Rules of Price Optimization

Price Optimization

Warren Buffet said, “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” Put another way, value is what builds the price. Implementing value-based pricing is the surest way to monetize that value and the best way to make sure you’re not leaving money on the table. Value-based pricing provides the greatest revenue and margin potential.

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