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Financial Planning Software: Gartner Group Reviews Adaptive Insights

Financial planning software

Financial Planning Software: The Gartner Group Reviews Adaptive Insights

Are you evaluating Financial Planning software options? If so, The Gartner Group is an independent analysis firm that may help with your research. Based on their findings when researching financial planning software options, Adaptive Insights was mentioned as having the highest score in 2 of 4 Use Cases with “Critical Capabilities for Corporate Performance Management Suites for companies who are in the ‘Public/Private sectors with less than $250 million in revenue.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Multi Language Availability Guide

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 multi language ERP software

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 ERP Product, Localization and Translation Availability Guide

Data Integration for the SMB

EDI Integration

Do you have a separate solution for every business process?  There's one company that handles your Webstore, one that that deals with your EDI, another vendor for your ERP and the list goes on.  No one really knows what the others are doing you feel like you are in the middle a major metropolitan spaghetti bowl!  You don’t think you can afford integration so where do you turn?  Not so fast.

3 Important Things Distribution Companies Can Do With Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP Distribution

You may think that accounting software merely crunches numbers and does not have much to offer when it comes to improving the working capacity of your distribution company. The white paper “10 Questions Every Distribution Company Needs to Ask Before Buying Accounting Software” shows how Microsoft Dynamics GP for Distribution can actually enhance the efficiency of your workplace. Here are 3 specific ways:

Considering an ERP Upgrade? 5 Reasons Why You Don’t Do It

ERP Upgrade

5 Reasons Why an ERP Upgrade is a Waste of Time and Money

If you are considering an ERP upgrade or wondering if you need a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, ERP resellers will give you a all sorts of reasons why you should change your ERP system. (Here’s one such article.) I’m here to tell you why you shouldn’t waste your time or money with an ERP upgrade. If you are like a lot of companies, you’ve had your reliable  accounting software for 10 or more years (20 if you’re still running something in DOS) and your company has been running just fine. I’ve listed 5 reasons why you don’t need to spend the time or the money to change out “Old Reliable.”

Accounting Software Upgrade vs Migration: 6 Questions to Answer Before Your Decision

accounting system upgrade vs migration

Accounting Software Upgrade vs Migration: 6 Questions to Answer Before You Decide

By Alan Hardy, Executive Vice President of Cloud and Migrations at SWK Technologies

To migrate, or not to migrate? Yes, that is the question facing many businesses today as they consider the current accounting system they are running, and whether to migrate to a more complete ERP system. Here’s what you need to consider when planning for your accounting system changes.

First, a quick definition
The acronym “ERP” stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and simply refers to a software system that engages and includes everyone within the company, not just the accounting department.

The trouble with upgrades
Upgrading an existing accounting software system may be cheaper than buying all-new software, but it can still be quite costly—and it may not get you any more functionality than you had before. After all, it’s the same software, just upgraded! A migration to a complete ERP system may be a much more strategic decision, relative to your projected future growth and goals.

What areas of functionality are you missing? More complete ERP systems include things like:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software
  • Document Management
  • Help Desk / Contract Management
  • Alerts & Approvals / Workflow
  • eCommerce, Customer Portals, Employee Portals
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Projects
  • Etc.

Many ERP solutions appear to have these pieces within their software, but in reality, many ERPs are still operating under the “best of breed” approach. They’re really just maintaining multiple integration points “hobbled” together—it just seems like they are all part of the same system.

A tough choice… with a looming deadline
With the recession not far back in the rearview mirror, your company may be reluctant to invest a lot in upgrades, software migrations, or new technologies. After all, there are many older/legacy accounting software systems still in use… and making a change can be a difficult and expensive proposition. To make things even more challenging, some of the accounting software systems are being “retired” by their software publishers, which puts a looming deadline on your final decision.

The 6 questions you need to answer now
Answer these six questions before upgrading or migrating to a new accounting/ERP system:

  1. What are your growth plans and expectations?
  2. Do you need additional areas of functionality that would be addressed with a more complete ERP system?
  3. Is the ERP system being considered developed on a current technology platform? Are all of the modules built on the base platform, or are there external integrations needed?
  4. Should you consider a cloud-based software system? What are the savings and benefits in NOT maintaining hardware/network infrastructure internally?
  5. Is SaaS, or a subscription type of software licensing, more appealing and cost effective?
  6. Are there specific accounting software systems that already have a developed migration path from your system to theirs?

As a final comment, I suggest you hold an internal “strategic evaluation” to determine how your overall systems are running today. Then, bring in your trusted software advisors to continue that strategic evaluation with the up-to-date feedback and suggestions you’ll need to make your choice.

Schedule Your Strategic Evaluation Now.
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Who we are
Over the past 27 years, SWK Technologies has been consistently rated as a top leader in software sales and consulting. To our customers, we’re more than a reseller: We’re their trusted advisor. Learn about the SWK Tech difference at

Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics New York Reporting Tools: Reviews BI

Microsoft Dynamics New York Reporting Tools

Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics New York Reporting Tools: Reviews Business Intelligence

As accounting and business management software consultants who help Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics New York clients with reporting tools we can help you get the business intelligence you need. One thing we have witnessed over the years is the increasing number of companies who are adopting of more sophisticated business management software or ERP systems. A successful ERP implementation and the adoption of it has enabled companies of all sizes to store more data with greater accuracy than ever before.

Cloud ERP Software 6 Reasons to Choose SAP Business One Cloud

cloud erp software selection

Cloud ERP Software Selection: 6 Important Considerations

As ERP consultants who have been a provider of cloud ERP software and on-premise ERP software since 1999, our years of experience offer a unique perspective to provide in the analysis of cloud ERP software.  Have you been using ERP systems for years and need to upgrade?  Are you looking for your first ERP or business solution software? If so, you probably have heard by now that it’s a good time to consider cloud ERP software. Businesses today need to make the most out of every investment, the trend for companies of all sizes is to run lean by outsourcing to the experts the services that make sense, such as IT. Here are 6 of the biggest reasons our customers choose SAP Business One Cloud when evaluating cloud ERP options.

Dreading Year-End Physical Counts?

Year End Physical Counts

Eliminate Year-End Physical Counts and Stop Dreading the Process!

Businesses this time of year are planning their wall to wall physical inventory counts.  Some have likened it to going to the dentist; they hate to do it, but it’s a necessary pain to endure.

CRM Consultant Los Angeles: 5 Steps for Using Sage CRM with iPhone 6

CRM consultant Los Angeles 1

CRM Consultant Los Angeles: Sage CRM on the iPhone 6 and iPad

As CRM consultants we often get questions from our clients about how to optimize and get better use out of Sage CRM. In this blog I wanted to share a popular questions on how to integrate Sage CRM to the iPhone 6 and iPad.

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